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Artist Creating Contemporary Art  and  Limited Edition Prints


Cynthia Llanes, a contemporary Christian artist, works in Glendale, California, and other cities including Burbank, Pasadena, Alhambra, and most of the greater Los Angeles area. Her works include contemporary art, wall murals, oil paintings, watercolor, limited edition prints, acrylic paintings, digital art, and textile design. Most of her art displayed on this site can be reproduced on canvas or watercolor paper. Several of her art works can also be reproduced in gift boxes of greeting cards.

The French impressionists such as Monet, Cezanne, and Degas, have influenced her style. As an evangelical Christian, her faith is also expressed in her work. She believes that art is more than just a decoration. Art should inspire and uplift. This shows in her colors and in her landscapes. The same is true with her new series Restricted Lives echoing a message to remind us that we are fortunate to live in the Unites States with freedom of expression.

One client commented:
 “Cynthia causes beautiful artistic things to surround her life,
such as the way the vine flowers grow naturally and bloom on
her balcony, but interestingly do not bloom on any of the
other neighbor's balconies.”



As you browse through these pages, please enjoy and be inspired.
Do not hesitate to send an email if you are interested in a print
or need paintings to liven up your home.

The background on this page is an example of a wall mural
commissioned by Gifted Hands Therapeutic Wellness Center in
South Pasadena.

The work is called: “The Secret Garden”

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